What is a Spanish Tutor?

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A Spanish tutor is one who provides individual instruction in Spanish to a single student or to a small group of students. The student may choose to receive this tutoring as an addition to a class in Spanish, or it may be solely through tutoring and private lessons that he or she wishes to learn the language. Students who are having difficulty with Spanish class in high school or college frequently seek the services of a Spanish tutor.

A Spanish tutor may be a teacher who does tutoring work in his or her off-time, or a college student or adult who is bilingual or proficient in Spanish. In addition, many high schools allow students to tutor each other in subjects they excel in. This often works well because students enjoy working with their peers. To find a tutor, a student should ask in the language department at his or her high school or university. People who are not in school may need to search online in their area, or contact a local university for information on available tutors.


Some Spanish tutors will work for free, but many will require a small fee per session. This varies depending on the depth of the tutoring. For instance, if a Spanish tutor is helping a student study for a test, it may be a lower fee than if he or she is actually teaching the language to the student. A tutor working with a group of students may charge a higher fee as well, unless they are employed by the school. Each Spanish tutor may have different teaching methods.

In general, a Spanish tutor will teach vocabulary, verb conjugation, sentence structure, useful phrases, and other language basics to start. They may focus on specific information that is needed for a test, or they may just teach the language in general. As the student gets more proficient in the language, the tutor will be able to progress to more advanced lessons.

It is important to look for a Spanish tutor who has a teaching style that is easy to work with. Even if they can speak the language perfectly, they may not be able to communicate it well to new learners. If it is not working out, it is perfectly acceptable to search for someone else to learn from. Another option is to set up a study group, which will allow a group of students to help each other learn Spanish and study for tests.



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