What is a Solar Bird Bath?

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A solar bird bath is simply a fancy term for a water fountain powered by the sun. Small solar panels allow the sun’s energy to operate the pump and filter, which circulates water throughout the bird bath fountain. Solar bird baths are easy to use and install. These self-contained units do not require complicated installation or the use of any electrical wiring. In fact, all a solar bird bath fountain requires is direct sunlight.

The most important aspect when setting up a solar bird bath is its location. Solar powered bird baths only operate when their energy collecting solar panels are receiving full sun. Therefore, proper placement is crucial for adequate operation. Also, keep in mind that these do not function on cloudy days or at night. However, some types of solar bird baths do include solar-powered lighting for nighttime enjoyment and viewing.

There are many types and styles of solar bird bath fountains to choose from. Most of them include a traditional style bird bath with a water fountain. Some include solar-powered heaters to keep water from freezing in winter. Solar bird baths are available in metal, resin or ceramic varieties. In addition to variety, there are a number of benefits to having a solar bird bath fountain. Provided it’s situated in a sunny location, a solar bird bath is versatile enough to go nearly anywhere.


These attractive fountains can make excellent additions to the landscape at little costs, depending on individual preference and needs. Bird bath fountains provide a regular source of water to birds for drinking and bathing. Not only does it provide an enticing water feature for birds, but people can also benefit from the soothing sounds of running water. Running water also discourages mosquitoes and other pests, which often lay their eggs in standing water.

Finally, a solar bird bath fountain offers easy maintenance and low cost. Other than keeping the pump submerged in water and routine cleaning, there’s little upkeep involved with owning one of these fountains. And since it’s powered by the sun’s energy, there are no additional costs involved by using electricity. With so many options and benefits, there’s little reason for not wanting an attractive solar bird bath fountain of your own.



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