What is a Soft Hot Tub?

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A more economical and portable choice than acrylic and wood hot tubs, the soft hot tub is a spa that is made from rubber or plastic-covered nylon. It is lightweight, portable, and easily moved from one location to another. These spas are generally smaller than other types of tubs, but the soft hot tub will also heat up more quickly and it will contain many of the same features as a regular spa, such as a built-in heating unit, jets, and a light. The sidewalls of a soft hot tub naturally flex, meaning sitting in such tubs will be a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Like acrylic or wood hut tubs, a soft hot tub will vary in price according to its features, quality, and size. Just about all soft hot tub models feature jets that propel water at the body to provide a massaging motion, but not all soft hot tub models feature jets that are adjustable. Some models feature jets that simply shoot water in one direction at one speed, while others feature adjustable jets that can be moved and made to shoot more or less water. Such models are generally more expensive, though also more versatile.


The size of a soft hot tub mimics that of acrylic or wood tubs, though many are smaller as well. For portability and for set-up in smaller areas, a smaller version of the tub is a great choice because it is lightweight, easily set up and torn down, and more versatile in placement options. Larger soft hot tubs are a great choice for parties or entertaining guests. Even with several people in the tub, the tub material is rugged and durable, and will not collapse under the weight of several adults. The walls are usually made from the same materials as whitewater rafts, which are designed to withstand blows from rocks and other hard objects in the water.

When purchasing any type of hot tub, it is important to remember that some maintenance is required. Soft hot tubs are no exception; water that sits in the tub for long periods of time may harbor bacteria or mold if not cared for properly. Soft tubs are easy to drain and refill with water, but the walls of the tub must be cleaned before new water is put back in. Spa treatment chemicals are specially designed to keep water clean and bacteria-free, so when purchasing a tub, it is important to also purchase such chemicals to keep the water safe and enjoyable.



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