What is a Slimming Club?

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A slimming club is an organization that focuses on helping people lose weight through a number of methods. Two of the key methods include helping members to maintain a better diet and finding a way to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Other methods may include group meetings, one-on-one coaching, individual diet planning, and programs to help the members keep score of their progress. It is also common for a slimming club to have an online component where members can log in, share tips, commiserate, and use online tools to track their diet and exercise. In fact, some clubs are entirely based on online tools and do not include in-person meetings or group sessions.

Many slimming clubs help their members to achieve their goals in stages. For example, instead of a drastic overhaul to one's diet, a slimming club might help a member to slowly develop better eating habits and incorporate new healthier recipes into the meals that they cook at home. Also, a slimming club might help a member begin exercising for short periods of time once or twice per week and then increase the amount of time spent on exercise, the intensity of the exercise, and the number of times an exercise routine is practiced each week.


It is not uncommon for a slimming club to manufacture and sell food products. Such products may include shakes, protein and fiber bars, and even complete pre-packaged meals. In fact, some slimming clubs base much of their program around certain pre-packaged foods. Others, however, work with clients to help them make better choices when cooking for themselves or dining out.

A slimming club might also have an exercise program for its members to follow. Some clubs have a specific circuit that members complete a few times every week, increasing the intensity of the circuit as they lose weight and develop strength. In some cases, a slimming club will also assign a personal trainer to a member to guide the member through each exercise routine. This service helps the member to perform exercises in a manner that is both proper and most effective. A trainer will also push the member of the slimming club to work harder, burn more calories, and develop a higher level of strength and endurance.

The price of a membership to a slimming club depends on the types of services that are offered. Many online slimming clubs are free. Others that include catering, one-on-one sessions with nutritionists, and exercise sessions with trainers can be quite expensive.



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