What Is a Service Delivery Framework?

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A service delivery framework is a set of detailed guidelines used by a service provider to meet goals when it comes to the types of services it provides. Such frameworks can be used by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and companies of varying sizes. In the case of a government agency or organization, the framework may be a public document available for comment and discussion. At a company, it is usually internal and may be confidential, because it could contain proprietary information.

This framework defines the types of services provided and the goals, which may include reaching specific populations, expanding market share, or shortening the wait time on services. The service delivery framework evaluates these goals and provides direction on achieving them efficiently and consistently. One key component of the guidelines is the standardization and regularity; they ensure that everyone accesses the same services and receives the same quality of care.

The document can spell out the different departments within an organization and their responsibilities. For each type of service provided, the service delivery framework can talk about various standardized approaches, and it may fork to create a decision tree for use by personnel. This creates a clear model for every step of the way, from signing people up for services to terminating contracts on request or when they are no longer necessary.


Development of a service delivery framework can require cooperative efforts from several representatives of the organization. They may solicit feedback from different departments, as well as clients and customers, to learn more about how the organization is perceived and what it does. They use this information to create a clear description of services and identify any weak points for further investigation; a telecommunications company, for instance, might note that it is not serving rural populations adequately and needs to expand this area of its service offerings.

When government agencies make a service delivery framework available for comment, this can provide a valuable opportunity for members of the public. They can use the document to learn more about an agency and what it does, and to provide suggestions for improving service in the future. The document can also be useful when questions about discrimination or unfair dealing arise. Readers may be able to point to situations where the protocols in the framework were not followed, and they can ask why. The agency may need to resolve the situation and create a plan to prevent problems of a similar nature in the future.



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