What is a Running Club?

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A running club is a community group made up of members that are interested in and participate in the sport of running. Different running clubs may focus on different types of running and/or require a certain level of expertise on the runner's part. Some running clubs may include social functions and not just sports activities.

A running club is likely to have group trips to competitions such as local, regional and national races. Some running groups that feature social activities such as dances and movies may have camping trips as well and these may include practice runs. Many running clubs focus on training for an event such as a marathon, half marathon or a 10K or 5K run.

Many running clubs are open to members of all ability levels, while some focus on just advanced or just beginner runners. Some groups that allow a wide range of ability levels focus on fitness for children to seniors and both walking and running are permitted. Running club information for runners often centers on subjects such as training programs for beginners, how to assess fitness level and how to avoid injuries.


Most running clubs have a website that members can access to find out details about events and meetings. There may be sign-up lists for volunteers for running club events. Some running club websites have a forum for members to make posts to the administration and other members. The website for a running club often includes a mission statement for the club and this can help you decide whether or not a certain group is right for you. For example, if one club's mission is to not only celebrate and encourage the sport of running, but to also do fundraising and park trail clean up and you want running only, the website can tell you a lot.

Joining a running club that matches your interests can help you get fit and give you an extra social outlet as well. Running clubs allow people living in the same community to share their interest and to attend races and events together. Plus, many running club organizers have a lot of experience in the sport of running that can benefit other community and club members.



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