What is a Resume Specialist?

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A resume specialist, also commonly called a resume expert or resume consultant, is a service professional who assists job seekers in designing and writing resumes. Her work is normally performed alone, although some resume specialists who work for resume service companies are members of writing teams. A considerable number of resume specialists are self-employed, independent contractors.

When a person seeks employment, he or she is customarily required to submit a resume to the prospective employer outlining work history, skills and education. A cover letter is commonly requested to accompany the resume. A resume specialist is frequently hired to help prepare these documents.

The first task a resume specialist typically asks the client to complete is to fill out a work and educational history form. She then reviews the information and asks the client to expound upon certain details that need to be included on the resume. If technical or industry-specific terminology is used, she customarily requests the client to explain the terms so she can accurately reflect their expertise on the resume.

It is frequently difficult for a person to accurately describe the duties of his or her job, even if the position has been held for many years. A resume specialist is generally expected to extract this information during her interview with the client. After all the pertinent information has been gathered, the resume specialist designs and writes the resume.


Preferred resume styles and layouts change every few years. Several decades ago, wordy brochure-style resumes were preferred. In recent years, shorter, more succinct styles have gained popularity. A resume specialist is typically expected to be aware of these trends and reflect them in the resumes she prepares.

Regardless of the style, a resume expert is generally required to include information that is important to an employer without using filler, fluff or hyperbole. Seasoned human resources managers are typically looking for facts about the job applicant’s experience and accomplishments. Those in charge of screening and hiring are normally wary of vague language or unsubstantiated claims of outstanding job performance.

A person in this position generally benefits from having a warm personality that puts people at ease. Looking for work and discussing one’s skills and attributes is frequently stressful, so a resume specialist is often required to creatively extract this information from her clients. Discretion is also an important quality for a resume consultant as much of the information she is given is confidential.

There are no educational requirements for this position. A significant number of resume specialists have formal education in creative writing, human resources or communications, however. A background in public relations or customer service is generally preferred for a person aspiring to become a resume specialist.



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