What Is a Raspberry Smoothie?

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A raspberry smoothie is a partially frozen drink that is often fairly thick; it can be made with a wide range of ingredients. Depending on what is added to it, this can easily be a breakfast drink, a beverage meant as a snack, or a delicious, frozen dessert. A very simple and basic raspberry smoothie can be made by combining frozen raspberries with vanilla yogurt, bananas, and other fruit in a blender and then mixing it all together. As a dessert, however, this type of beverage often includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream, instead of the yogurt, and flavored liqueur can also be added.

The basic formula for a raspberry smoothie is quite simple. It requires only raspberries, either frozen or fresh, and a combination of thick liquids and other ingredients to form a creamy beverage. Frozen raspberries are often used, so that the resulting treat is cold and thick, without the need for ice cubes. A wide range of other fruits can be added to a raspberry smoothie, which is usually made directly in a blender, though bananas are quite common. Once the various ingredients are combined, then the blender is used to chop and mix them all together into a smooth and thick concoction.


A raspberry smoothie is often made as a breakfast drink, as it provides a great deal of nutrition from fruit in a simple form. This type of beverage is usually made with vanilla yogurt, which provides creamy thickness for the final drink as well as additional flavor. Fruit that is typically combined in addition to a banana includes other types of berries, such as strawberries or blue berries. Some milk can be added to the drink if it is too thick, though many people prefer to add orange juice to a raspberry smoothie to thicken it, as this adds both Vitamin C and flavor.

As a dessert, a raspberry smoothie is just as easy to make, and only a few changes transform it from a morning to evening treat. Rather than using vanilla yogurt, vanilla ice cream or gelato can be added for creaminess and more sweetness than yogurt provides. Berries and other fruits can be used, as well as a banana and other complimentary flavors like kiwi or papaya. Almond or orange liqueur can be added to the raspberry smoothie, providing much of the same flavor as orange juice. Since it is not cooked at all, however, alcohol should only be added if it is going to be served to adults of the legal age to drink alcoholic beverages.



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