What Is a Radio Advertising Agency?

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An advertising agency is a business designed to help clients advertise and promote their businesses. In the case of a radio advertising agency, the agency focuses specifically on creating and placing ads on various radio stations. For many businesses, radio can be a very effective advertising medium, both in terms of the audience and the cost.

The first step in advertising is often performing a market analysis to identify potential users of the product to be advertised. This is done by evaluating as many specifics as possible related to the product, such as the general age of people that might buy it, overall interests and age, as well as any other pertinent details that might apply. The radio advertising agency will then identify which radio stations have the type of listeners most likely to purchase the product or service.

In addition, the radio advertising agency has employees who will help their clients create ad campaigns. Often, advertisers have a vague idea of what they would like to say in a radio ad, but don’t quite know the best way to say it. Personnel at the radio advertising agency help write the copy. They also have access to studios and voice-over talent that can be used to create commercials to be aired on the radio. The goal of the agency is to ensure that the best possible commercial is made.


A marketing specialist from the radio advertising agency spends time with the client, evaluating not only the client’s advertising needs, but also the budget. How often the ads air, the time of day and during which programs are all controlled by how much the client is willing to pay for the advertising. It is much more expensive to advertise during a popular, nationwide show than it is to run ads during a local show with a significantly smaller audience.

The radio advertising agency may also suggest ways that the client can get more attention without a large additional cost. They will typically help clients with such things as special promotions, contests and sponsorships. Often a live broadcast from the client’s store or event can be arranged in an effort to draw in local customers and create excitement.

Once the details have been determined and the client is ready to begin an ad campaign, a radio advertising agency works to place the client’s ads with one or more radio stations. The agency handles all negotiations on the client’s behalf, then returns to the client with an advertising contract. At this point the client can decide to proceed or ask for a change in terms. Once the client is satisfied and the campaign is launched, the radio advertising agency has done its job. They will follow up as the campaign progresses in order to identify and assist the client with any additional radio advertising needs.



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