What is a Property Tax Consultant?

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A property tax consultant is a tax professional who provides assistance to people who are required to pay taxes on their property. This includes taxes on real estate as well as personal property taxes. In order to practice as a property tax consultant, it may be necessary to receive a license from a regulatory agency, depending on the laws in a region where someone is practicing. Such regulations are designed to ensure that people providing consulting services have a baseline level of knowledge so that they can serve their clients effectively.

Property taxes can become quite complex, especially when it comes to personal property. One aspect of the work of a property tax consultant is to help clients comply with the law. This includes filing tax documentation correctly, properly documenting property subject to tax, helping clients maintain their bookkeeping, and keeping clients up to date with changes in the tax code which may affect them. Property tax consultants may also offer services such as automated bill payment to ensure that tax bills are always paid on time.


Another facet of property tax consulting involves helping clients pay fair taxes. This includes appealing taxes, revaluing property to determine whether or not the present tax is fair, and taking other steps to help clients reduce their tax liability. All of these measures are within the law, but they can require special knowledge and skills which laypeople may not have access to without a property tax consultant. Using a property tax consultant to help with paying taxes can ensure that people are not overpaying their taxes, a surprisingly common problem.

In regions where they are regulated, property tax consultants usually need to demonstrate that they have completed a minimum training requirement. They may need to take continuing education classes in order to keep their licenses current, and they are also expected to adhere to basic ethical standards. Many belong to professional organizations which provide them with access to trade journals, conferences, and opportunities for professional networking.

A property tax consultant may also offer other tax-related consulting services to clients, or work in an office with mixed tax professionals for the convenience of clients who would prefer to have all of their tax-related services located in one place. People who are working with a property tax consultant may want to ask if other services are available or if the consultant has any specific recommendations for other tax practitioners in the area who can assist with income taxes and other tax matters.



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