What Is a Product Description?

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A product description is text that describes the uses and benefits of a particular product. Descriptions may be written by project managers who work in the manufacturing industry. A description in this context should include information such as which materials make up a product, how it should be produced, and which skills are necessary for its production. Marketers and copywriters may also compose product descriptions so that potential clients can understand why they might need a product and why it is a better choice than products offered by competitors. In both cases, a product description must be well researched and should be written with a particular audience in mind.

When a project manager writes a product development description, he or she first should have access to all relevant information from engineers, designers, and process managers. This product description can guide manufacturing processes, meaning that it should be completely accurate. Factors such as labor, budget, and equipment can be determined in part by this document.

Market research is often necessary for a marketer who writes a product description. A writer should understand which kinds of individuals make up a customer base, since this can determine the kind of information included in a description, as well as style of the language used to make a product seem more appealing. The benefits and uses on which a writer focuses can also be determined by accurate market research.

Language used in a product description can determine its success. For project managers in manufacturing, a description does not need to be appealing. On the contrary, these documents are normally very technical. They should be organized logically, and writing should be clear and to the point.

Product descriptions that are composed for clients should, in most cases, be appealing. Some of the most successful descriptions are able to catch a client's eye with original or thought provoking language. At the same time, this description should clearly state the purposes of a product and inform a reader how he or she can benefit from purchasing a product.

It is common to find product descriptions on the Internet. These are similar to conventional descriptions written by marketers, though there is often more focus on originality of content. Many marketing experts believe that one of the greatest challenges to selling products online is standing apart from competing businesses since there are so many companies online that are selling similar goods. Instead of generating interest in products, many writers of online product descriptions attempt to sell a product to a consumer at the moment he or she is reading the description.


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