What Is a Print Advertising Agency?

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A print advertising agency is a company that specializes in designing and tracking print ads for various products or businesses. Employees of such an agency will be able to create ads specifically for various print media, such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, newsletters, posters, and programs. In some cases, the print advertising agency may also cover other types of advertising, such as radio or television advertising, but this is not always the case, as these other types of ads will require equipment and expertise that may be foreign to the print advertiser.

One of the primary goals of the print advertising agency is to create effective and attractive ads that are geared toward a specific target audience. Once the ad has been created and approved by the business, it can run in various print media, and the print advertising agency will then measure the results or effectiveness of the ad. If the target audience is not responding well or at all, it is likely that the print advertising agency will make changes to the original ad or create a new one altogether. Before ads are run, the agency will do research to find the most appropriate print media for a particular business ad; this means finding out which newspapers, magazines, and so on cater to the target audience the business is trying to reach.


A business owner may choose to hire a print advertising agency for several reasons. Experts in the field will generally be able to create more effective ads than a business owner can, and the agency will have the time and focus to be able to track the effectiveness of the ad. While a business owner can certainly do these things on his or her own, these tasks may take up a significant amount of time and energy that can otherwise be used for other purposes.

A particular ad campaign may feature more than one ad being run at the same time. The agency may, for example, create an ad that is appropriate for a black and white newspaper page and run it in various publications that do not use color ink. For magazines that print in color on glossy paper, the print advertising agency may design an entirely different ad that is made to look best on the glossy color pages. The cost of the ad campaign will vary according to how many ads are designed and run, as well as where the ads are run and for how long.



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