What is a Pore Cleanser?

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A pore cleanser is a beauty product which is designed to clear the pores of the skin. Problems such as blackheads and acne can emerge when the pores become clogged, and a pore cleanser is designed to head these common skin problems off at the pass. Many drug stores and beauty suppliers carry pore cleansers made by a variety of companies, and people can also receive a pore cleansing treatment from an aesthetician. Pore cleansing should be combined with a broader skin care regimen for best results.

The pores of the skin are designed to help people regulate body temperature. These tiny openings can easily become blocked with dead skin, oils, hair, and other materials. Blockage of a pore can lead to a variety of skin issues, ranging from an unsightly blackhead to a notable pimple. Simply washing regularly to keep the skin clean and clear is enough for some people, while others may require special skincare products to keep their pores and skin healthy. Individuals who produce lots of oil often experience blockages, for example.

Pore cleansers are mild exfoliants which are designed to gently scour out the pores to clean them. Many products are designed to be applied after a shower, when the pores are open, so that the pore cleanser can penetrate better. Others may be used at any time, with many being gentle enough to be use daily except on very sensitive skin. Most products are also designed specifically for use on the face, with a mild formulation which will not damage the skin on the face. Pore cleansers are generally applied with cosmetic pads and gently rubbed on the face, although some products use cleaning wands with heads which can be changed after use.

A pore cleanser is not designed for use on an existing skin outbreak, and they should be used on clean skin which is free of makeup. These products should not be used on damaged or irritated skin such as a sunburn or acne outbreak. People with extremely sensitive skin may need to seek out several different products to find a pore cleanser gentle enough to clean without irritating their skin.

Many pore cleansing products have an astringent effect, leaving the face dry after use. For this reason, a moisturizer should be applied after using a cleanser. People who are not certain about which products would be most suitable for their skin type can consult an aesthetician to get more information. Aestheticians can recommend a home skin care regimen which will keep the skin looking beautiful between office visits.


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