What Is a Pizza Wheel?

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Homemade pizza can be a delicious, inexpensive alternative to delivery or takeout pizza. Although no specialized kitchen tools are required to bake pizza at home, they can make the process much easier. One of these is a pizza wheel, a tool with a circular blade that is used to cut the finished pie into slices.

A pizza wheel has a round metal blade that is sharpened on the edges and fitted into a handle. The edges of the blade are not serrated, which allows it to make a clean cut. As the baker moves the cutter through the pizza, the blade turns so that a cutting edge is always in contact with the food. This lets the baker make the cut in a single motion, without having to lift and reposition the pizza cutter multiple times.

The handle of the pizza wheel may be made from wood, metal or plastic. Some pizza cutting tools have a handle that sticks straight out from the blade, making the tool resemble the circle and stick form of a lollipop. These cutters often have a finger guard, which may go over the blade or protrude from the side of the handle, to prevent accidental injuries during use.


Another form of pizza cutter is the palm pizza wheel. This tool has a handle in a half-circle shape that covers part of the blade. As the name implies, the cutter is held with the handle in the palm of the hand. The blade rotates through the handle as it is passed through the pizza. Palm pizza wheels generally have plastic or PVC handles and come in an assortment of colors to match kitchen decor.

Even the thickest of crusts and toppings can be easily cut into slices when using a pizza wheel with a sharp blade. These cutters may not only cut through the pizza itself, but into the surface beneath the food as well. For this reason, bakers must use caution and not apply too much downward pressure on the cutter. If the pizza is baked on a pizza stone or removed from the oven with a pizza peel, it should be transferred to a different surface before cutting, so as not to damage any other specialized pizza tools.

A pizza wheel's use is not limited to pizzas only. Any dish that requires smooth, straight cuts can call for this kitchen tool. Brownies, bar cookies and even lasagna can all be sliced into neat portions using a pizza wheel.



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