What is a Pink Slip Party?

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The pink slip party is a relatively new phenomenon in social networking. With an event of this type, people who have recently been terminated from their employment have the chance to gather with each other and mourn the closing or downsizing of various business operations. While the party does provide some much needed morale boosting among people who are now tasked with finding new positions or possibly changing careers, there are also a couple of positive aspects to gatherings of this type.

Along with allowing recently laid off employees to commiserate with one another, it is not unusual for recruiters and Human Resources personnel from potential employers to also attend. The presence of these professionals at a pink slip party is effective in two ways. First, they help to remind people who have lost their jobs that there are other work opportunities out there. Second, a portion of the former employees will have the chance to either secure an interview with a potential employer or possibly be hired on the spot.


The typical pink slip party is open to anyone who has been fired or laid off recently. It is not unusual for parties in metropolitan areas to have a specific theme. For example, there may be a party specifically for Information Technology professionals in need of employment, while a different party is held for people with sales experience, and still another for people seeking jobs in a new industry altogether. In more rural areas, the parties are usually open to all recent layoffs from any industry.

Sponsoring a pink slip party can be accomplished in several ways. The local municipality may sponsor the event and underwrite the cost in hopes of getting people back to work and thus improve the local economy. Large corporations that are looking to expand may hold the event as a means of contacting a number of candidates in a short period of time. Even local civic organizations can spearhead the effort, obtaining financial support from area businesses and also arranging for recruiters to attend and interface with those in need of a job.

The type of recruiters invited to a pink slip party will depend on the goals set for the event. Headhunters are likely to attend gatherings that are aimed at specific lines of work, while employment agencies may set up an exhibit and interact with the attendees. Direct hire companies may be present, especially if they have clients with a wide range of needs in terms of skills and experience. Human Resource personnel from local companies often attend in hopes of spotting people who could become valuable employees.

A pink slip party offers one more way for the unemployed to network with each other and potential employers. At the same time, events of this type help to bring a sense of closure for people who are still dealing with the aftermath of losing a job.



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