What Is a Personnel Management Group?

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A personnel management group helps an organization to both manage and increase the value of its employees. More commonly known as human resources management, it is an administrative team which handles employee issues from recruiting and hiring to development and termination. It provides the connection between the administrative functions of human resources and other factors which help employees to thrive.

One of the most important tasks of a personnel management group is to determine what positions need to be filled and manage recruiting efforts. This includes finding, interviewing, and hiring employees that can help the organization reach its strategic goals. In order to accomplish this, a personnel management group must be knowledgeable about both a business's needs and its company culture.

Once an employee has been hired, a personnel management group will also typically oversee the onboarding and training process. This includes educating the new employee as to how the organization runs on every level. The group is responsible for ensuring that the new hire has the tools to begin work and assimilate into the organization.


In most cases, a personnel management group will also oversee efforts to increase the value of the workforce. This includes providing the appropriate educational resources for employees, such as seminars, training on specific elements, and making arrangements to subsidize individually-arranged education. It also may involve analyzing the workforce to ensure that each employee is in the most beneficial position. In some cases, an employee may be moved into a different role due to the intervention of this group.

A typical personnel management group is also responsible for periodically, and typically annually, conducting job performance reviews. The group will usually work with executives, managers, and supervisors to ensure that the process is managed efficiently, effectively, and legally. While it may not conduct actual performance reviews, the group will usually play a significant role in the process.

Usually, the personnel management group will also manage salaries, benefits, and bonuses. This can include determining wages, which is often an extension of the performance review process. It also involves ensuring that all of these elements are managed to the employees’ satisfaction in order to maintain morale.

A personnel management group can manage employee relations as well. This can include preventative measures, such as planning employee retreats, seminars, and other special events which encourage cooperation. It also usually involves managing and resolving conflicts and any illegal activity of members of the workforce, such as sexual harassment.



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