What is a Pedestal Bathtub?

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A pedestal bathtub is a type of freestanding tub, which means that it is not surrounded by walls on three sides like most built-in tubs are. This kind of bathtub is similar to the clawfoot type, but instead of feet, it usually sits on an oval pedestal. It is rarely used in modern times, so few manufacturers still make the pedestal bathtub, but those who enjoy the vintage look often seek this type of tub. The most popular materials for the pedestal bathtub include copper, cast iron, and acrylic.

There are various advantages of a pedestal bathtub, with one of the largest being the ease of installation. Since it does not need to be connected to the wall, it can usually be placed nearly anywhere in the bathroom, allowing homeowners some flexibility. The fact that the pipes are typically exposed often means that repairs are simpler and less expensive than the typical tub's repairs. Additionally, the faucet is usually installed on the wall, which means that there are no holes for it inside the tub, allowing users to fill it up higher than the typical bathtub.


Of course, there are also some disadvantages of a pedestal bathtub. For instance, its unpopularity among most people means that there are few on the market to choose from. Thus, it may be difficult to find one that is made by a reputable manufacturer, so those who want one might have to acquire an antique, have one custom made, or settle for less than their ideal. Additionally, and for the same reason, typical manufacturers do not add many extra features, forcing users to purchase additional options elsewhere if desired. For example, faucets are often sold separately, and also need to be installed into the wall, which typically requires a professional.

The pedestal bathtub can be made out of various materials, allowing homeowners to choose one based on the durability and appearance that best suits them. For example, copper often gives off a traditional look, and best matches bathrooms with lots of brown in the theme. Cast iron is also often known as a classic material for a tub, but it tends to be covered in white enamel, matching bathrooms that feature lighter colors. Those interested in mixing this traditional type of tub with a modern material may prefer an acrylic pedestal bathtub. Any of these types can usually be custom painted by companies that specialize in bathtub design, allowing users to get a truly unique item for their bathroom.



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