What is a Pacifier Keeper?

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Most babies have several pacifiers, and they tend to get scattered around the house easily, making it difficult to find even one when it is needed. The job of a pacifier keeper is to make it easy to keep track of this infant accessory, and also to keep it from hitting the floor when the baby is done with it. It is typically composed of a clip that attaches to the baby's clothes, connected to the pacifier by a cloth ribbon. Of course, there are some unique styles available, such as a pouch that parents can hold onto and a stuffed animal that attaches to the pacifier. It is not considered safe for a baby to wear anything around the neck due to it being a choking hazard, which is why pacifier keepers should not be worn this way or attached to a necklace.


The typical pacifier keeper consists of a short ribbon or thread that loops around the pacifier. It is then affixed to a small clip, which attaches to the baby's clothes. Most babies spit out their pacifier at some point, often too fast for a parent to catch it before it hits the floor. This usually leads to a crying baby while the parent tries to find the pacifier and clean it off. Additionally, a pacifier keeper can help prevent this baby equipment from getting lost when not in use, since it can just stay attached to the infant's clothes for the day. Of course, this product should not be left with an infant unattended, as a curious baby could detach it and place it in his mouth.

A lot of pacifier keepers are decorated in some way, whether with bright colors, unique designs, or different styles. For example, the majority include a design of some sort, with themes ranging from animals and cartoon characters to sports and cars. One unique pacifier keeper resembles a cell phone holder, as it is a small pouch that parents can throw in their diaper bag to keep the pacifier sanitary. In fact, a few pacifiers can usually fit into this holder at one time, making it possible to keep backup pacifiers during trips.

A particularly popular style of pacifier keeper is comprised of a small stuffed animal that is attached to a pacifier. The animal is meant to rest on the baby's chest while the pacifier is in use. The animal's size makes it difficult to lose as often as pacifiers, and it also allows the pacifier keeper to stay on the baby's chest while he sits or lies down since it is too heavy to fall to the floor easily. Additionally, most babies appreciate the comfort that a stuffed animal can bring, especially since their parents can choose their favorite animal from a wide selection. Some such pacifier keepers come with a pacifier already attached, while others allow parents to attach one of their choice.



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