What is a Nutrition Log?

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A nutrition log is a way to keep a record of all foods that are consumed everyday. It can include an assessment of the fat or protein that a person eats, or a calorie count of the foods that are eaten. The nutrition log journal can then be used to assess weight loss and keep track of daily or weekly progress. Daily exercise can also be examined, and achievements or future goals can also be observed. A nutrition log can help in making better food choices and maintaining a healthy weight.

Keeping track of all foods that are consumed can be essential when trying to figure out what diet plan works the best. Certain foods can boost energy levels and be beneficial for losing weight. When the nutritional information is included, it can also be easier to make sure that the foods are acceptable. They should be high in vitamins and protein and low in sugar, sodium, and fat.


Healthy diet programs are typically combined with exercise, which is equally important to record. For example, when a diet and exercise program begins, the number of exercises such as sit ups or leg lifts should increase over time. The only way to be sure of this, is to document how many repetitions can be done everyday. These numbers will constantly change and goals can also be set for further advancement. Using a nutrition log to record food intake and daily exercise can increase the chances for successful weight loss.

A nutrition log is used to assess nutritional information but the time of day in which food is consumed should also be recorded. The proper spacing of meals can result in a better digestion of food and this includes eliminations. If food is consumed right before going to sleep at night, it may not have enough time to be processed within the body. This can also have a negative effect on weight loss. Healthy bowel movements are important for maintaining over all health.

Using a nutrition log is a good way to keep on track while dieting but the recommended allowance of vitamins should also be taken into consideration. Stringent dieting, counting calories, and excessive exercise have been known to result in health problems. Before beginning any diet or exercise program, it should be approved by a health care professional.



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