What is a Natural Body Cleanse?

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A natural body cleanse is a health routine used to rid the body of toxins and harmful substances, and to help a person lose weight. This cleanse is often known as a full body cleanse or an organic body cleanse, and can be done in a variety of ways with a variety of different products and substances. The natural body cleanse is completed by regulating the foods and other substances that are put into the body and flushing bad substances out of the body.

Among the first steps in a natural body cleanse is avoiding foods that have artificial ingredients. By doing this, the body will not be taking in anything that is not found in nature. This is an important part of the organic body cleanse, since so much of what will be taken in will be organic. Artificial foods, it is believed, will build up toxins and prevent weight loss, which is the opposite from the goal of the natural body cleanse.

A lot of water should also be ingested during a natural body cleanse. A comfortable amount for most people should be about 64 ounces (1.89 liters) per day, although this should be increased if a person is losing fluids or performing athletically. Caffeine and alcohol should be absolutely stopped during a natural body cleanse. Besides water, other drinks can include natural vegetable drinks and green tea.


Other things that should be taken in during a cleanse include fruits and vegetables. These promote overall health and the idea of only eating natural foods. Vegetables should be eaten raw, and it is best to eat organic when possible.

Exercise is also an important part of any natural body cleanse. Exercising will allow a person to sweat and remove toxins from your body naturally. Regular exercise will gradually flush out most unnecessary and harmful substances.

Oxygen therapies can also be used during a natural body cleanse. These types of therapies will allow a person to breathe more oxygen and keep it flowing through the body more naturally and more easily, helping to remove carbon dioxide and other gasses. Many people who use this therapy say it gives them more energy, although there is some debate about its actual health benefits.

Many people also choose to perform a fast during a cleanse. This involves avoiding or restricting solid foods for a day or more. While only drinking water and juice, the body may naturally start cleaning the organs. Although short fasts are usually safe, anyone who plans to fast should consult a doctor first.



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