What is a Nail Strengthener Cream?

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Nail strengthener cream is a type of lotion that is applied to the cuticles and the areas on and around the nail every day in order to promote nail growth and strengthen the nails. Many people find that their nails split or crack frequently, or may have difficulty growing; this can be caused by the type of work that one does, or even just a lack of protein or calcium in the diet. A nail strengthener cream helps to combat these issues and encourage stronger nails to grow.

Nail strengthener cream is similar to any other type of cream, typically in a glycerin base. The active ingredients include items such as keratin and protein, which help to strengthen the nails and promote growth; vitamin E, which helps to heal damage; and certain plant oils, designed to soften the cuticles. Of course, the active ingredients may differ in various types of nail strengthener cream, but nearly all of them will include keratin and protein. In addition, creams are not the only option for nail strengthening products; in fact, gels or liquids that come in a bottle or pen similar to nail polish are very common types of nail strengthening products.


In general, one should apply nail strengthener cream at least twice a day or more when first trying to heal damaged nails and promote growth. Nails will usually need to be bare for this process; the strengthener cream will typically not work if it is applied over nail polish or acrylic nails. Once the nails have grown out and are no longer breaking or cracking, one may reduce the application of nail strengthener cream to once or twice per day if necessary, which can help to keep the nails looking nice. Nail polish may then be applied, but it may be a good idea to avoid nail products such as acrylics, because these greatly weaken the nails with every application.

There are ways to keep the nails healthy and strong in addition to using nail strengthener cream. It is important to eat a balanced diet that contains enough protein and calcium, which are necessary for healthy nails. In addition, wear gloves to protect the nails when doing things such as gardening, yard work, washing the dishes, or working outside in the garage, just to name a few. When filing the nails, only file them in one direction; sawing back and forth with the nail file will weaken the nail and can cause cracks to form.



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