What is a Money Blog?

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A money blog is a type of website that consists of a series of entries, referred to as posts, that focus on topics related to money. For example, this type of blog may focus grocery shopping coupons, money-saving deals, or money management tools. A money blog may include posts about protecting one’s credit or repairing it once it's been damaged. It may also include posts about making money rather than saving it. In fact, some people may use the term money blog to mean a blog through which a person or company attempts to earn money rather than writing about money-related topics.

One way in which a money blog differs from a regular money website is the frequency of posts. In many cases, website content is updated only occasionally. With a money blog, however, the content is usually updated regularly and often on a predictable schedule. For example, the blog posts may be updated with posts daily, weekly, or sometimes monthly. The posts are often listed in reverse chronological order as well, which allows readers to view the most recent information first.


A money blog that is focused on finances can include content that covers any money-related subject. For example, this type of blog could be focused on personal finances or on business budgeting. It could focus on topics that deal with thrifty living or on those related to working toward becoming a millionaire. This type of blog may provide financial tips for those approaching retirement or resources for individuals planning for the financial expense of putting their children through college. Some money blogs are tightly focused on one topic while others may cover a broader range of subjects.

In many cases, a money blog provides posts that are meant to inform and advise others in handling their money. This is not always the case, however, as some people establish this type of blog as a journal in which they chronicle their movement toward a financial goal. Blog readers may follow each post in order to keep track of the progress a person is making toward his goal. Often, people follow such blogs out of curiosity or genuine interest in the goal the blogger is attempting to achieve. A blog reader may also gain ideas for pursuing his own financial goals by reading such a blog.

Sometimes the term money blog isn’t used to describe a blog that is focused on money-related topics at all. Instead, the term may be applied to blogs through which a blogger attempts to make money. For example, a blogger may place ads on his blog in an effort to earn money through each click on an ad.



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