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A mock IELTS® is an effort at simulating the traditional IELTS® exam that is part of proving English-language capability for so many non-native speakers. Operated by the British Council, as well as Cambridge ESOL and other parties, the IELTS® is an established way to test for English language proficiency. Simulating the IELTS® helps to prepare students for being tested under the International English Language Testing System.

One of the main purposes of a mock IELTS® is to help students deal with the pressure of the interview during the speaking portion of the test. The IELTS® exam is made up of four categories: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In the speaking portion of the test, the student must talk about him/herself, speak at length on a particular topic, and engage in some discussion with the test giver. Because there is often stress involved in this task, and because it requires quick thinking, the mock IELTS® addresses some of the unique challenges of the IELTS® speaking tasks.


In addition to helping with the speaking portion of the test, a mock IELTS® can help students to anticipate the kind of answers they will provide for other portions of the test, like reading comprehension. In these aspects of the IELTS®, which test things like vocabulary and grammar, the mock IELTS™ is much more like a “sample paper test” that helps students to gauge the standard and level of various IELTS® tasks. It is commonly established that practice tests help students to develop particular skills that will apply to the real test, and that a realistically executed IELTS® practice test can help trainers diagnose a student’s weak areas.

Another way that the mock IELTS® can help, is with the writing portion of the test. A IELTS® essay may be part of a greater practice test session, or stand on its own as a simulated task. In an essay, students demonstrate some of the core aspects of the English language by creating coherent presentations that address sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and much more. The mock IELTS® can be effective in showing students what test givers expect from the essay portion of the test, and how to achieve mastery of the critical writing skills that the exam assesses.

In addressing all of the various categories and parts of the full exam, the mock IELTS® not only shows students the technical material that is included in the test, but also helps them to anticipate some of the intellectual and emotional challenges that they may face during the test. Trainers giving these practice tests will often point out that the unique cultural presentations of Cambridge teachers, or other test givers, can be different from the kinds of English language presentations that students may be familiar with, especially if they have mainly studied in America, Australia, or another English-speaking country. The best mock IELTS® tests also address the formal British aspects of the IELTS® and help students to brainstorm ways to be effective when presenting their English language skills in this unique venue.



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