What is a Mini Kegerator?

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A mini kegerator, also known as a mini keg refrigerator, is a smaller version of a kegerator, which is used to help maintain a constant, cold temperature within a keg of liquid, usually draft beer. These refrigerated storage devices allow the user to keep kegs of liquids for long periods, typically a few weeks, without the risk of spoilage or loss of taste quality. Unlike a full kegerator, which usually houses a larger keg, the mini kegerator holds a smaller keg that may vary in size. Much like a barroom beer tap, a mini kegerator may have the ability to dispense liquids via a tap on the top portion of the kegerator. Although some mini kegerators are purchased pre-built and ready to use, they may be fashioned from existing refrigeration units with the use of a kegerator conversion kit. These are typically cheaper than purchasing a pre-made mini kegerator, and are usually easy to install together with the an existing refrigeration device, a few tools, and a bit of research.


A mini kegerator may be more suitable for individual use than a full-size kegerator. Since liquid may be stored for an extended period of time, the mini kegerator may allow a person to pour for weeks, or even months from the same tap without the worry or risk of spoilage. However, due to its small size, the mini kegerator may not be a good option for those seeking to serve many beverages from the same keg during a party or single gathering. In this instance, a full-size kegerator may be more ideal for the situation.

A mini keg typically refers to a smaller, 5 liter (1.321 gal) keg sold by some retailers. Taps on these mini kegs are usually unlike the conventional keg: some may contain a pressurized tap, while others might have a built-in spout to allow for the dispensing of the liquids within. Larger kegs may contain other, more sophisticated taps to prohibit the possible entrance of oxygen and harmful bacteria, therefore preserving the taste of the stored liquid for a longer duration of time. While these taps may be more practical, installation and use may require some prior knowledge, and they also may be more expensive. Both tap and keg sizes may vary depending on the beverage supplier, and country of origin. Therefore, the user should find the most suitable keg and tap for the kegerator he or she wishes to use.



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