What is a Medical Office Manager?

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A medical office manager is a person who runs a medical office. The job duties can vary significantly based on the size of the medical office. In general, it is necessary to have at least a bachelor's degree in a field such as health administration; some choose to pursue master's degrees as well. Some states require medical office managers to take a certification exam to receive a license; this is especially true for a medical office manager in a nursing facility.

Before taking the exam, approximately three years of experience as well as a certain number of credits in health administration are required. Once hired, a medical office manager will typically be required to continue his or her education and complete a certain number of credit hours every few years. Some states have state-approved training programs, while others are somewhat more lenient, so it is important to do thorough research ahead of time. In a smaller office, it might be possible to start in a more entry-level position, and eventually be promoted into a managerial position based on experience.

A medical office manager has a number of responsibilities that include overseeing staff, handling business affairs, and working with physicians. The manager of a medical office will generally need to recruit, hire, and train new staff members, as well as follow all human resources guidelines and state laws regarding working hours and safe working environment.


A medical office manager will need to understand medical and billing terminology, as well as have a working knowledge of medical law. Some medical office managers may be responsible for recruiting new physicians into a larger practice. In addition, all of the business aspects of the practice will need to be handled; this can include items such as communicating with other businesses in the area, filing taxes and keeping bookkeeping and accounting records, creating advertisements, ordering medical equipment as needed, and maintaining the appearance of the office by ordering supplies and hiring staff to keep it clean, among many other responsibilities.

A medical office manager may work a variety of hours, since many healthcare facilities are open 24 hours a day. It is a busy job with a great deal of responsibility, but income level is usually commensurate with responsibility. Many people choose to return to school and pursue extra education in order to become qualified to be a medical office manager.



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