What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

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Marijuana is sometimes used for medicinal purposes by those suffering from conditions such as HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and migraines. Medical marijuana cards are commonly used in parts of the United States where this type of treatment is legal. A medical marijuana card generally identifies the person authorized to use the drug for medicinal purposes, and it may include other information such as the person’s treatment plan. Everyone may not be eligible to obtain such a card.

Rules for the medical use of marijuana vary from one state to another. Medical marijuana cards are often required by state law where the medical use of marijuana is permitted. Even if a person considers herself to being using marijuana for medical purposes, without a medical marijuana card, her use is illicit. This means that the repercussions for being caught doing so could be as harsh as those who are caught using the drug recreationally.


Medical marijuana cards offer those in possession of the drug and those found consuming it legal protection in the state where the card is issued. If the police search the home of a person with a medical marijuana card in a state where medical use is legal, and the drug is discovered, there should not be an issue. The person should not be subject to arrest or penalty and the drugs should not be confiscated. The medical marijuana card will not, however, help protect that individual if she carries the drug into a state where medical use is not approved.

A medical marijuana card can allow a person access to cannabis clubs. These are dispensaries where marijuana can be bought from legally operating sources. As a drug store has a variety of drugs, cannabis clubs often have a variety of marijuana and marijuana products. Some even have areas where people can use the drug once they have made their purchases.

A person with a medical marijuana card may not have to buy her supply. She may be able grow and harvest it herself. It does not, however, entitle a user to sell any portion of that supply. Doing so could be result in state or federal charges.

A medical marijuana card can be obtained from a Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center (MMEC) for those living in California. Such a card may also be obtained from a doctor in California and in other states where medical marijuana use is legal. Some people may not be eligible to receive a medical marijuana card. These include convicted felons and those who live outside of the states where medical consumption is legal.



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