What is a Marine Recruiter?

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A marine recruiter is an individual who works to recruit people to join the United States Marine Corps. His job includes providing information about the Marines as well as details about the qualifications for joining. Marine recruiters also provide those interested in enlisting or becoming officers with the paperwork and testing required to do so. They even help recruits to prepare for recruit training.

When an individual is interested in learning about the Marine Corps, he can contact a recruiter for help. Marine Recruiters typically possess extensive knowledge about everything related to serving in the Marines. They can inform prospective Marines about the history of the Corps and what the Marines stand for. They can also provide interested parties with information about the types of opportunities the Marine Corps provides.

Marine recruiters recruit U.S. civilians and help prepare them for the Marine Corps Recruit Training. Enlistees must pass this training before becoming Marines. They also recruit and assist people interested in becoming officers, preparing them to enter Officer Candidate School and the United States Naval Academy, which are charged with teaching, training, and commissioning Marine Corps officers.


While a Marine recruiter may speak with individuals who simply walk into the recruiting office or make contact through online or phone inquiries, he also actively seeks out individuals for recruiting. He may visit high schools and malls, seeking recruits from there, for example. Personal contact is a big part of Marine recruiting. Marine recruiters often call the homes of potential recruits to encourage them to apply and answer any questions they may have. They may also plan events designed to encourage young men and women to join, such as dinners, contests, and sporting events.

Another part of a Marine recruiter's job is screening candidates. Recruiters make sure applicants have high school diplomas if they plan to enlist or bachelor’s degrees if they want to become officers. The recruiting process often starts before the candidate has received his diploma or degree, however. Marine recruiters check to make sure potential recruits have not been convicted of crimes that would bar them from the Marine Corps. They also make sure applicants aren’t drug addicts or regular drug users.

An individual preparing for Marine recruit training can also depend on his recruiter’s help with getting ready. The Marine recruiter will usually provide a training guide and offer tips and instructions. He may also set up special events to help recruits become more fit and physically prepared.

To become a Marine recruiter, a person must serve in the Marines first and be at least 22 years old. He typically has to attend recruiters' school and complete an interview with his commanding officer before taking this job. He must also have at least the rank of corporal for this position.



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