What is a Magnetic Water Conditioner?

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A magnetic water conditioner is a device that is used to get rid of hard water and prevent the build-up of minerals in such things as pipes, plumbing, and cookware. Though they are a popular item, the legitimacy of magnetic water conditioners is not known. The magnetic water conditioner has been advertised and sold since the 1930s.

The magnetic water conditioner is said to work by a process of polarization in order to remove the scale deposits in hard water. Polarization is said to prevent the minerals from hard water from sticking to pipes. The conditioner causes the scale to eventually collect in magnetic water at the bottom of a water heater where it is then drained.

The benefits of using a magnetic water conditioner are numerous. Some people say that their drinking water tastes better. Other say that their clean laundry feels softer. In some cases, apartments and homes might be experiencing corrosion of pipes and plumbing systems, and a magnetic water conditioner can help remedy this costly problem.

Magnetic water conditioners can also have a positive effect on the quality and feel of water in swimming pools and hot tubs. Water conditioning can reduce or eliminate build-up of mineral deposits in dishwashers and ice machines, saving the owner time and money for maintenance or replacement costs.


One of the positive aspects of using a magnetic water conditioner is that it is environmentally friendly. Other types of water conditioners require the use of salt or other chemicals to condition water, whereas the magnetic conditioner does not. This can also result in a cost savings as the owner does not have to purchase chemicals to keep the conditioner functioning.

Many consumers appreciate the easy set up of magnetic water conditioners as compared to the other types of conditioners. Magnetic conditioners are usually easy to install because they clamp on to pipes and feed lines. They can be used at the feed lines of different home appliances, such as dishwashers and water heaters.

Magnetic water conditioners can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, as well as from retail home supply stores. Before making a purchase be sure to learn about the dealer's warranty or guarantee, as well as any warranties that can be purchased from the retailer. Some retail stores provide installation services for a fee, regardless of where the product was purchased. This can be a helpful service for those who are new to using magnetic water conditioners.



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