What is a Lumbar Chair?

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Back pain in the lumbar region is a common problem for millions of people. The lumbar region is the lowest portion of the back, which carries the majority of the weight of the body. In many cases, lower back pain is the result of slouching over a computer for hours each day, an injury due to over use, or a back condition, such as a slipped disc or degenerative disc disease. Luckily, a lumbar chair can offer the support and stabilization needed to reduce pain in lumbar area of the back.

One of the main pieces of furniture that must be ergonomically correct and supportive of the lower back is the chair, particularly the office chair. A good lumbar chair will be supportive and flush against the small of the back. It will also align the ears, hips and shoulders properly and maintain the natural curve of the spine. In all, it will make working at a desk a less painful experience.


There are several kinds of lumbar chairs. For example, some are designed with the support for the curvature of the lower back built directly into the chair. It is important to sit in the chair to ensure that it fits each individual body type and keeps the body in proper alignment. If the support is built directly into the lumbar chair, it may not be adjustable. However, some lumbar chairs are adjustable. In fact, for those models, the back of the seat can be lowered or raised so the support fits the small of the back perfectly.

Sometimes it is impossible to find a lumbar chair that fits a given body type. In those instances, a transferable lumbar cushion may be ideal. Basically, the specially designed cushion or roll will attach to the seat back of most chairs. It can be moved from chair to chair easily, as well. In some cases, the cushion is inflatable so the amount of support can be controlled as it is inflated or deflated. They are great options for people who want to convert a normal office chair into a lumbar chair or for those who need additional support when driving their cars.

A lumbar chair will help create correct posture simply by supporting the lower back and the curve of the spine. Without lumbar support, it is quite hard to maintain good posture. In most cases, the back muscles tire out long before the person is finished sitting in the chair. The result is that the person slouches or leans towards the desk or table – which will create back pain if it is done consistently.



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