What is a Laser Face Lift?

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A laser face lift is a type of cosmetic procedure a person may undergo to improve the appearance of his skin. It involves the use of laser technology to destroy the top layers of skin that have become damaged in some way and encourage new skin cell growth to take its place. It also involves tightening a person's sagging skin, which may give the face a more youthful appearance. Laser face lift surgery is often the choice of individuals who prefer non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as it does not require a doctor to cut into the patient's skin or lift and reposition it.

To perform a laser face lift, a doctor uses a laser that emits a powerful beam of light. This serves to heat the surface of a person's skin so much that it causes a burn. As a result, the top layer of the skin is removed and the collagen, an important protein that helps the skin to stay youthful looking, is tightened. After treatment, the skin in the treated area grows back, but it appears to be not only smoother and less blemished, but also tighter.


When a person decides to undergo a laser face lift, he is basically opting to have his skin resurfaced rather than lifted. This resurfacing can be effective for improving the appearance of such issues as fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. In fact, a person who has shallow scars as well as other surface skin blemishes may see improvement after having only one treatment done. On the other hand, a person who has deep wrinkles or scars may need additional treatments to make such blemishes less noticeable.

Often, a person who is interested in a laser face lift opts to have it done on areas that are prone to the development of fine lines. For example, he may seek treatment for his forehead and the skin of his eyelids. Often, people opt to have the procedure done because of blemishes on the cheeks and wrinkling around the mouth. Additionally, this type of laser treatment may be helpful not only for the face, but also for the hands and sometimes even the neck.

The anesthesia that is used for this type of procedure often depends on the extent of treatment the patient has chosen. For small areas of skin, a person may have the procedure done with only local anesthesia and sedation. If the procedure will be more extensive, a doctor may recommend general anesthesia. Generally, laser face lifts are considered safe. When complications do occur, they may include such symptoms as swelling, redness, infection, or scarring.



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