What is a Juice Maker?

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A juice maker is a kitchen gadget that allows a person to make fruit juice in his or her own home. Typically about the same size and shape as a blender, the electronic kitchen appliance utilizes blades or other grinding devices to intake solid fruits and output juice. Juice makers can be seen on advertisements on television, in kitchen supply stores, and many major department and wholesale stores.

The juice maker saw a terrific rise in popularity near the end of the 1990s and at the start of the 21st century as more people turned to drinking fruit juice and smoothies as an alternative to other beverages. Though fruit juice can contain a great deal of natural sugars, many people prefer this option over artificial sweeteners and other chemical ingredients added to commercial beverages. Many people also like the convenience of having a juice maker since it can typically fit on the counter, bar, or table of a person’s home and be used just like any other small kitchen appliance.


Though some people may think of juicers as primarily for juicing fruits, vegetables can also be used in most juice makers. Many people find that juicing vegetables allows them to ingest more raw vegetables in a way that can be easier and more transportable. Some vegetables, such as dark greens, have a great deal of vitamins and nutrients released upon juicing. With a small addition of a few pieces of fruit to the mixture, the juice often ends up not only loaded with nutritional value but tasting delicious as well.

Frozen fruit can also be used in a fruit juicer. Most frozen fruits are flash frozen within a short time of being picked. This process seals in a great deal of nutritional value that is often lost during transport to a grocery store. In some situations, this can mean that frozen fruits actually have more vitamins in them than fresh fruits.

It is important to note that repeated drinking of a single or small number of vegetables and fruits can cause a person to develop an allergy to the food. For this reason, anyone using a juice maker should change what fruits or vegetables he or she uses every few months. Anyone interested in juicing should also look into the nutritional content of specific fruits and vegetables to learn what types of produce will best supplement the person’s life and provide the vitamins he or she needs.



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