What is a Hot Salt Scrub?

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Hot salt scrubs are body scrubs designed to help enhance the appearance and health of the skin. Many spas offer at least one type of hot salt scrub along with other treatments. It is also possible to purchase commercial scrubs for use at home, or even make your own salty massage body scrub at home, using a few simple ingredients.

Depending on the nature of the hot salt scrub, the treatment may be applied by hand, or with the use of some type of applicator, such as a loofah sponge or cotton cloth. It is not unusual for the scrub to be applied as part of a massage, since the heat from the scrub along with the massaging techniques can help relax tired muscles while also exfoliating the skin. However, the scrub can also be used as part of an evening hygiene regimen, allowing the skin to breathe after the travels of the day.

While it is possible to purchase a hot salt scrub at many spas, pharmacies, and other retail outlets, many people prefer to make their own. A few simple ingredients compose the basic scrub, and can be augmented with any other elements that are desired. Most recipes call for the use of sea salt, rather than table salt, with the reason cited often being that coarse sea salt contains a better mix of minerals and is likely to provide more benefit for the skin.


Along with sea salt, include a small amount of baby oil. For people who prefer to stay away from processed oils, it is also possible to make use of natural elements, such as aloe vera juice instead. The inclusion of some type of vitamin E is also usually involved, since this vitamin has properties that are beneficial in dealing with stretch marks or other blemishes that mar the skin. At the same time, vitamin E also helps to nourish and fortify the newly exposed layer of skin, a factor that is very important.

Fragrance is a matter of choice when it comes to your homemade hot salt scrub. Some people find that adding oils from herbs such as rosemary or cinnamon help to make the experience even more relaxing, while also leaving a pleasant scent on the skin that lasts for several hours. However, be mindful that some herbs used in this fashion may cause some skin irritation. Try applying a small amount of the herb scented oil to an area of the skin and watch for any itching or discoloration over the course of a half-hour or so. If none appears, there is a good chance that you can use that herb in your homemade salt scrub.

Whether using a homemade or commercial hot salt scrub, keep in mind that it is important to make sure the product is not heated beyond a comfortable temperature. The idea is to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, not to burn your epidermis. Try alternating the scrub with other types of scrubs, like a chocolate body scrub, or a sugar scrub that is infused with honey. Each type of scrub will replace essential nutrients lost during the day, and allow your skin to retain a healthy glow for many years to come.



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