What is a Hospitality College?

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A hospitality college is an educational institution which provides training in hospitality management. Such schools are usually designed for high school graduates who wish to achieve certifications in hospitality management and related fields. Graduates of hospitality colleges are often more employable, especially for senior positions, and they may be able to negotiate better terms of employment including a higher salary.

At a hospitality college, students can learn about a variety of topics related to the hospitality industry. This includes management of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and other businesses which focus on providing hospitality services to their customers. In addition to learning about the specifics of the hospitality trade, students also learn about human resources management, handling financial accounts, and other topics which may be useful for hospitality professionals.

Graduates can get degrees, certificates, or diplomas in hospitality management, depending on the type of school and the length of the program. Some schools provide rigorous multi-year programs which are designed to prepare graduates for upper level management positions so that they can immediately get work upon graduation. Others offer shorter courses which lay the groundwork for people working in lesser positions.


While a degree or certificate from a hospitality college is not required to work in hospitality management, it can be very useful. People who work their way up in the ranks may work at low rates of pay for years before they achieve management positions, while graduates of training programs can start work immediately in higher paying positions, which allows more time to save for retirement, college funds for children, and other expenses.

In some cases, a hospitality college has a job placement program which places graduates with companies in the hospitality industry. Some of these companies have reciprocal arrangements with the college and recruit primarily from its graduates, while others simply agree to be listed in job directories which are made available to graduates through counselors at the college.

When evaluating a hospitality college, students should think about the areas of focus offered and what kind of certifications are available. Other concerns can include whether or not the school is accredited, the length of the program, and what kind of room and board options are available for students. Going to an all inclusive school which houses, feeds, and educates students in a central facility may allow students to concentrate on their work and complete the program much more quickly.



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