What is a Gutter Brush?

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A gutter brush is a device designed to protect gutters by keeping debris out of them so they do not become clogged. These products can be found in home supply stores that carry gutter protection products and they can also be ordered directly through catalogs. This gutter protection system is relatively easy to install and maintain, and effectiveness varies, depending on conditions in the region when it is installed.

The gutter brush is a long strip of bristled brush designed to be fitted snugly into the entire gutter system. Multiple lengths may be required to achieve complete coverage. The bristles on the gutter brush are designed to repel leaves and other large debris, while trapping smaller debris above the level of the gutter. Water, meanwhile, flows directly through the bristles, into the gutter, and down the downspout. This keeps the gutter and downspouts free of debris, reducing the risk that gutters will overflow and keeping the gutters, house, and foundation in better condition as a result.


Particulates trapped in the gutter brush either blow away on windy days, or break down into particles small enough to be easily washed out of the gutter system. The design is supposed to prevent decaying organic material from building up in the gutters. In addition to keeping gutters clean, this also means that the gutters of the house do not serve as an incubator for sprouting seeds, keeping grass out of the gutter. Furthermore, the gutters become unfriendly to insect and animal populations as a result of the bristles on the gutter brush.

In some areas, using gutter brushes can almost eliminate the need to clean gutters, although the brushes should be periodically checked for clogs and the gutters need to be routinely checked to confirm they are in good working order. In other cases, heavy deposits of foliage, fruit, and other materials may pack the brushes, requiring cleaning to keep the gutters running freely. People can reduce the risks of this problem by trimming back trees, vines, and shrubs to keep them from depositing organic matter directly into the gutters.

When installing gutter brushes, people should clear their gutters first. It is important to use a ladder that can be safely anchored, and to avoid overstretching at the top of the ladder, as this can imbalance the ladder and cause it to fall. The brushes bend easily around curves in the gutter and can be clipped if they are slightly too long.



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