What Is a Fried Pickle?

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A fried pickle is a snack food popular in the southern United States. It is made by breading dill pickles and then deep-frying them. The dish may be served along with a sauce, such as ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Most of the time it is served as an appetizer, but it could also be eaten as part of a meal along with other deep fried foods, such as chicken nuggets or fish sticks.

Dill pickles are normally used when making a fried pickle rather than sweet ones. Whole pickles, spears, or dill slices may be used. The pieces are rolled into a thick batter similar to that used to make onion rings. After being rolled in batter, the pickles are sometimes dipped in breadcrumbs before being placed in a deep fryer. They are fried in very hot oil until the outside coating is a light to medium brown color and slightly crisp.

A fried pickle is normally served along with some type of dip. Ranch and bleu cheese dressings are two popular condiments used for this snack food. Horseradish sauce or mustard could also be used. Some people like to make their own dip, and some popular ingredients used to do so include mayonnaise or hot sauce.


Many people like to eat a fried pickle as an appetizer, and other prefer them as a snack. Many restaurant chains throughout the United States offer deep-fried pickles as a side dish. In these instances, they are often eaten along with various forms of seafood or chicken.

A fried pickle normally has a very soft center, which is complemented by the crunchy outside. The flavor is normally very tangy but not spicy even if there has been some seasoning added to the batter or breadcrumb mixture. It accompanies other spicy dishes well, especially when dipped in a sauce that has a slightly sweet flavor.

Although fried pickles are primarily served in the United States, they can be easily made at home. A deep fryer, instead of a skillet, is the preferred cooking method. After frying in hot oil, people should drain this snack food on paper towels and allow them to cool before serving. This is because the inside of a deep-fried pickle can remain extremely hot for some time after it has been removed from the fryer and could potentially burn an individual's mouth.



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