What is a French Tutor?

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A French tutor is a professional instructor who gives students private lessons in speaking, reading, or writing in French. French tutors may specialize in French as a second language, or in training students for an academic program involving foreign language components. A home tutor visits a student at his or her home. Other tutors may work out of educational centers, where the student travels to the center for a tutoring session, and a third party administrates the educational program and everything related to the teaching facility.

A French tutor might work with all age groups, from elementary school children to adults who are seeking French instruction for personal enrichment or for business use. French tutors also work with a wide range of skill levels, from beginning levels to advanced reading and writing skill levels. A French tutor has to adapt the curriculum to a specific skill level to give an individual student the best customized training.


A French tutor generally has significant experience with the target language. A bilingual tutor is something that many students prefer, and being bilingual is one of the best qualifications for this job. Extended experience living in a French-speaking country, is also a plus, as it will make the tutor more qualified to share important cultural insights. In addition, a French tutor might have gone through “teacher training” programs that help build instructional skills. Educational programs and schools offer certificates in teaching French as a foreign language (FFL) to outfit individuals with the skills they need for French tutoring or classroom sessions.

As the French language continues to be among the most widely used languages for commerce, students around the world look for French language instruction from French tutors and other professionals. The French language is commonly used in some parts of Africa, as well as some areas of the Western Hemisphere on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. French might be a useful language for a shipping port or other international installation.

In addition to qualifications, a French tutor should have an innate understanding of how to customize a curriculum. The desired targets and goals for a student speaking French in conversation may be much different from those for a student who is preparing for academic testing in the French language, or who simply wants to learn to read in French. The more a French tutor can do to build the specific skills desired by the student, the better the result will be.



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