What is a Fingertip Trowel?

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A fingertip trowel is a trowel which is designed to be used in masonry, bricklaying, and tile laying. This hand trowel also has a number of other uses, and it often shows up in the tool kits of people who work on a wide range of home repair projects. Most hardware stores carry fingertip trowels, and they are typically fairly inexpensive. If you do a lot of work with caulk, mortar, or grout, you may want to acquire a fingertip trowel, as these handy little tools will make your life much easier.

At first glance, a fingertip trowel does look a little bit like the trowel version of a fingertip. It has a long, thin, flat blade which is usually installed at an offset angle to the handle. If you've ever caulked or grouted something, you may have noticed at the very end of the project that the best way to get the caulk or grout to lie flat and to look even is to run a gloved finger over it to press it down and smooth it. The fingertip trowel replaces your finger for tasks like this, with its flat, smooth edge.


The offset handle of a fingertip trowel ensures that you can fit the trowel into tight spots and unusual corners with ease. The design is ideal for things like grouting, repairing crumbling mortar between old bricks, and smoothing caulk on construction projects. With a fingertip trowel, mortar, caulk, or grout can be pushed deep into a gap and smoothed out for an even appearance. And, unlike a finger, a fingertip trowel doesn't mind getting a bit dirty on the job.

There are a number of alternate names for the fingertip trowel. These trowels are sometimes known as brick jointers or tuck pointers, in a reference to some common uses for the fingertip trowel. After using a fingertip trowel, remember to wash the tool, as you do not want material from previous projects building up on the blade and handle of the trowel. Unless the fingertip trowel is made from stainless materials, be sure and wipe it dry after washing so that the blade will not flake or rust.

When selecting a fingertip trowel, be sure and feel the handle. Handles for these tools come in a range of styles, and you want to find one which is comfortable for you. Many people enjoy softgrip handles which are designed for comfortable extended use, while others prefer simple wooden or plastic handles.



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