What is a Face Finishing Moisturizer?

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Many people follow a cleansing and moisturizing regimen daily; typically, the process begins with the removal of makeup and the cleaning of the face and neck area. Toner is then applied to the face to reduce pores and give an even glow to the skin. The final step in this process is using a face finishing moisturizer. Unlike the average lotion or creme, this type of moisturizer addresses the most common types of skin problems experienced by women. Face finishing moisturizer usually contains antioxidants that help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and imperfections caused by the sun.

Antioxidants found in most face finishing moisturizers help fight free radicals that age the skin, and they can also reduce or repair damage from the sun. They work to protect the skin from pollution, cigarette smoke, or any other type of irritant. A face finishing moisturizer also usually contains lipoid acid and organic compounds that help to refine skin texture.

Wrinkles and fine lines can be greatly reduced by using a face finishing moisturizer. Instead of filling in or concealing a wrinkle, this moisturizer works to firm the face and neck. This tones the facial skin and over time, the lines typically will be naturally reduced and elasticity restored for added lift.


An uneven skin tone and imperfections due to acne or sun damage can be reduced by using a face finishing moisturizer. It is lightweight and typically penetrates the skin without feeling greasy. Because of this, it will not clog the pores and actually helps to close them. This nourishes the skin making it smoother and firmer, and it also can help to produce a healthier, glowing skin tone.

People who have sensitive skin or skin allergies usually can use this type of moisturizer because it is formulated to soothe the skin. It does not contain any irritants that work to inflame tissues or to raise wrinkles; typically, there are no chemical preservatives that are linked to certain types of cancer. The ingredients usually are safe and healthy for the skin.

A face finishing moisturizer can be worn under makeup, so it should be applied twice a day. This regimen usually includes application once in the morning before any makeup is put on and again in the evening after the face is cleansed. A person typically should keep in mind that the product may have to be consistently used for a few weeks to a few months before any wrinkle-reducing results are noticeable.



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