What Is a Donor Strategy?

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A donor strategy refers to the different methods a charitable organization may utilize to raise funds from donors. Charitable organizations are varied with different goals and objectives; however, the common denominator among them is the fact that they depend on the donations and charity of people, organizations and government to survive and effectively carry out their functions. To this end, the best donor strategy involves factors like increasing visibility, conducting strategic plans aimed at finding and retaining donors, conducting research on past fundraising drives in other to find out areas for improvement, and building fruitful relationships with potential donors.

Any charitable organization that engages in the planning of a donor strategy would necessarily have to understand that one of the most important steps toward effective fundraising is to create an awareness about the organization. The reason for this requirement is evident, because people cannot give money to an organization or a cause that they do not know exists. Part of the awareness drive includes actions like setting up a professional Web site as well as advertising on TV, Internet, radio and magazines. The charitable organization could also get more creative in its drive to gain awareness by obtaining a permit to set up a table in parks from which they can offer people little memorabilia like pens and t-shirts that will explain what the organization is all about.


Charitable organizations may also learn from their past mistakes by studying the results of fundraisers held before with the aim of finding out how such events may be improved as part of their donor strategy. For instance, organizations may decide to be more innovative in their ideas for fundraisers to create more awareness about events and to invite more people. They may also study successful fundraisers held by more established charitable organizations in order to find out ways in which they can improve their own efforts.

One of the major strategies utilized by charitable organizations is the building of relationships through different actions. An organization that is focused of providing free educational materials to students in less developed countries may build goodwill among the members of its more immediate community by doing deeds like mowing lawns for the elderly at no charge. Such efforts will lead to a store of goodwill toward the organization, and more people will be more likely to respond to any calls for donations in the future.



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