What is a Digital Jump Rope?

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A digital jump rope is a piece of exercise equipment designed to provide a traditional jump rope workout, while providing certain benefits and advancements using modern technology. They are available from several different manufacturers and come with various possible features, including a digital screen built into one of the handles that can track time and calories burned. They are usually designed to be adjustable in length, constructed from different materials and often cost around $15 US Dollars (USD) to $30 USD.

The basic features of a digital jump rope are typically identical to a traditional jump rope — two handles joined by a length of flexible material such as cloth or vinyl rope, allowing a person to rhythmically jump over the rope in an exercise routine. Athletes such as boxers have used jump ropes for decades to help train their bodies for greater fitness and endurance. The jumping motion used while exercising with a jump rope works numerous major muscles throughout the body, from the arms to the legs, especially the gluteus muscles and thighs.


A digital jump rope provides the same workout but includes several technological advancements to make the workout routine easier and somewhat more intuitive. Depending on the model of digital jump rope used, these features can include a timer, jump counter, memory of personal profiles and weight, as well as stopwatch functions and calorie counter. The rope on this type of jump rope is often made from a durable material such as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is typically adjustable to allow for a more personalized workout for any user.

Handles on a digital jump rope can also vary, from plain plastic handles that house the digital readout and electronics to more comfortable handles that may be contoured or covered in foam. Basic and less expensive types of digital jump ropes will often have only one or two features available, usually a timer and a jump counter. This allows someone to easily track how long he or she has been exercising and working toward a numerical jumping goal.

Somewhat more expensive and elaborate models will also include features that can allow a person to input his or her weight and track personal goals, as well as estimate calories burned during a routine. These higher end models can sometimes even calculate the distance you would have traveled if you were not jumping in place. Other types of digital jump ropes include the ropeless jump rope that provides two handles with a digital readout but does not have a rope connecting them.



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