What is a Crime Cleanup Service?

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A crime cleanup service is a business charged with erasing the blood, debris, and other waste that is left behind when someone dies as the result of a crime, such as a shooting, stabbing, or even a hit and run. Once the police have gathered the evidence they need, it is the crime clean up service's job to step in and clean the home, business, or site. Typically, a crime cleanup service is also used to clean up natural death scenes and suicides. For example, this type of service may be used after someone dies of natural causes, but isn't discovered quickly, beginning to decompose and leave behind a scene that may be too much for his family and loved ones to handle, both physically and emotionally.

A large part of what a crime cleanup service does is handle blood and other types of hazardous waste. Those who work in this field must be well trained in the safe removal of blood products that may contain pathogens, such as HIV and hepatitis. Blood-borne pathogens pose a serious health risk to humans and must be handled carefully to prevent exposure. If a family member or loved one was left to tackle this type of job, he would probably have great difficulty keeping himself safe and ensuring that the property was properly disinfected. Instead, many people choose to seek the help of a crime cleanup service.


A crime cleanup service is not at all like a traditional house cleaning or janitorial service. It won't clean the bathroom or vacuum carpets that are not affected by the crime or death. Instead, this type of service sticks to erasing the physical and visual effects of the crime, cleaning and decontaminating the floors, walls, furniture and anything else that has been affected. It may also air out a property and deodorize each affected room, removing and disposing of any gore that might be left behind.

Besides crime and death scenes, crime cleanup services may also clean up after sites of vandalism and trauma. They are often called on to clean police cruisers, jail cells, and illegal drug labs that have been shut down. They may also clean up after automobile accidents and industrial mishaps. Some of these services even help landlords by cleaning up after tenants who have left rental properties in ill repair. A crime cleanup service can even be instrumental in clearing animal waste from buildings and getting rid of unpleasant pet odors.



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