What is a Credit Card Fraud Attorney?

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A credit card fraud attorney is most often a criminal attorney. He defends those clients accused of committing credit card fraud, helping them raise defenses or plea bargain to a lesser penalty. Credit card fraud attorneys can also work with clients who have been the victims of credit card fraud, either on the part of a credit card company or on the part of another individual, to help those people clean their credit reports and recover any costs or fees they lost as a result of the fraud perpetrated against them.

One type of credit card fraud attorney is a criminal attorney who simply specializes in credit card fraud. These attorneys represent clients who have been accused of various types of fraudulent practices, from the theft of credit card numbers to identity theft to using stolen credit cards. Many states have specialized credit card fraud or identity theft laws that provide for penalties and restitution payments of those who have committed identity theft or credit card fraud. Other states simply charge credit card fraud as theft or under fraud statutes. Thus a credit card fraud attorney must know the particular laws of the state in which he practices so he can help his client mount a defense.


A credit card fraud attorney in the criminal context may aim to prove his client's innocence in court by introducing reasonable doubt to the jury as to whether his client actually committed fraud. He may also talk to the prosecuting attorney to settle on a plea bargain, which is a reduced sentence in exchange for his client admitting guilt and in some cases making restitution or making a deal with the prosecutor to provide information on larger credit card fraud operations. The attorney may also advise his client on the best course of action given his situation.

On the other hand, a credit card fraud attorney may also represent clients who were victims of credit card fraud. These attorneys may help a client clean his credit report by interfacing with creditors who the identity thief opened an account with. The attorney will help his client get the improper information and accounts opened by the identity thief off his credit report. This way the client is no longer responsible for late payments or fees, and any negatives or black marks against the client as a result of the identity theft are no longer on the client's credit report.



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