What is a Comfort Pillow?

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A comfort pillow is a pillow which is designed to provide comfort, making it easier for someone to sit, sleep, or engage in other activities. In addition to offering comfort to their users, most comfort pillows also provide support, since proper support is often a key aspect of comfort. Many stores which stock bedding carry comfort pillows, and they can also be obtained through stores which specialize in ergonomic products. Sometimes the best comfort pillow is once picked up in the bargain bin at a department store which happens to be just the right size and texture, while in other cases, it may be necessary to buy a specialized pillow.

Comfort can be very important, especially during sleep. People tend to sleep better when they feel comfortable and secure, and everyone has different comfort needs. Some people, for example, like to sleep in a nest of pillows which makes them feel surrounded and cradled, while others prefer to use a set of head pillows alone to support the neck and head during sleep. Comfort can also make it easier and more pleasant to use a chair, car seat, or couch.


Many comfort pillows are firm so that they provide support in addition to comfort. Some are very thick, with a firm core and softer outer layers so that users are supported but also nestled with a soft surface. Overly fluffy and soft pillows may be strategically employed as comfort pillows in a pillow arrangement which includes firmer support pillows to provide a strong supportive base.

A comfort pillow may be contoured, with a shape which is designed to follow a specific line of the body. Neck pillows, for example, may be thin in the middle with thicker edges so that the neck is supported and cushioned without being contorted. Body pillows may be slightly curvy so that people can nestle closely against them without wrestling with the pillow. Other types of comfort pillow are designed in basic shapes like circles, squares, and wedges, and they may create the base of an arrangement of pillows organized for greater comfort.

In order to find the optimally comfortable position, it is usually necessary to play around with a pillow arrangement a bit, and sometimes multiple pillows may be needed to create the desired effect. When arranging pillows in bed, it is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing and lie down with the pillows while positioning them to ensure that they will be comfortable, and to remember the specifics of the arrangement so that it can be quickly duplicated.



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