What is a Class Action Notice?

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A class action notice is a document or newspaper entry that informs others when a class action lawsuit has been filed. It provides information about the company that is being sued through the class action lawsuit, the reason for the lawsuit, and the people the lawsuit may benefit. Typically, a class action notice also provides an address and phone number that those interested in the lawsuit can use to get more information. This type of notice usually provides information about who is participating in the class action lawsuit or opting out of it as well.

In most cases, class action notices are sent out to the plaintiffs, also called class action members, in a class action lawsuit. This typically includes people who were not aware that the class action lawsuit was being filed but may have been affected by the legal matter. For example, if a person or group files a class action lawsuit against a credit card company for abusive billing practices, all of the people with the same credit card may receive a copy of the class action notice.

The manner in which a class action notice is delivered may depend on the jurisdiction in which the lawsuit is filed. In many cases, class action notices are delivered via the mail. In other cases, however, the court may stipulate that plaintiffs are notified via personal service. Sometimes notices are even posted in a newspaper or magazine that has a wide circulation.


In most cases, class action notices are delivered at the beginning of the lawsuit in order to let interested parties know that a class action lawsuit has been filed. They may be delivered or posted at other times, however. For example, class action notices may be sent when there is a change in the lawsuit as well as when the case has been decided or a settlement has occurred.

A class action notice typically includes important information about a class action lawsuit. Often, this notice informs the class action members about the case. For example, such a notice typically includes information about the people who filed the lawsuit, the defendant, and the lawyers who are handling the case. It may also include the reasons the lawsuit was filed and the date on which it was filed. Additionally, a class action notice usually provides instructions class action members can use to remain participants in the lawsuit, opt out, or take an active role in the lawsuit by securing their own attorneys.



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