What is a Chocolate Egg?

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A chocolate egg is a chocolate confection that is shaped like an egg. Chocolate eggs are most commonly seen around Easter, where they are exchanged as gifts or included in Easter egg hunts. The egg is a traditional symbol of Christ's resurrection in many Christian faiths, but the chocolate egg has transcended religious boundaries to become popular with people all over the world. Chocolate eggs can be kept in a candy bowl near the door for guests, exchanged as Easter gifts, or hidden for Easter egg hunts and parties.

Many candy manufacturers produce chocolate eggs in the weeks leading up to Easter, with an array of styles available for consumers. One of the most famous is the Cadbury Cream Egg, which is filled with a creamy fondant. People can also make chocolate eggs at home, using egg-shaped candy and chocolate molds as a basis, although some enterprising cooks have been known to use actual eggs as a mold for confections.


Some chocolate eggs are solid, in which case they are usually made from a soft chocolate so that they are easy to chew, and the chocolate is relatively light, as rich chocolate could be too intense for many consumers. Filled chocolate eggs made with a chocolate shell and various fillings are also available. In addition to fondant, a chocolate egg can be filled with ganache and various fruit preserves, among other things. It is also possible to find hollow chocolate eggs without filling. Hollow eggs tend to be oversized.

Designs on the outside of a chocolate egg can vary. Textured or patterned molds may be used, or the egg may be covered with a candy coating. Decorations can also be applied by hand, as in the case of a chocolate egg covered in stripes of candy, or decorated with small candy flowers and other ornaments. When chocolate eggs are made at home, some people enjoy lavishing time over the decorations, creating miniature works of art with their confections.

For people who enjoy chocolate eggs year round, many types of chocolate can be safely frozen, which allows the eggs to keep better. Chocolate eggs can also be stored at room temperature for an extended period of time, although it is important to avoid exposing them to moisture or temperature fluctuations, which can cause the chocolate to develop an unsightly whitish “bloom.” Homemade chocolate eggs are, of course, available at any time to cooks who are comfortable working with chocolate.



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