What is a Child Support Portal?

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A child support portal is a web-based computer program that allows access to child support information. The type of information provided by a child support website includes child support balance, child support services, and child support advice. The purpose of a child support portal is to allow both people who receive child support and people who pay child support the ability to quickly access their online child support information without having to call or meet with case workers during business hours. This is especially helpful to people who no longer live in the area where the child support order was issued.

The most commonly accessed child support portal information is the child support balance. For people who receive child support, this information is needed to plan their budget and to understand what the current child support order states is the weekly or monthly support. Typically, the case worker will provide both the payer and receiver a unique personal identification number (PIN) so they can access their specific case. The payment history will be displayed along with the current cumulative balance.

The child support payer may also review the payment history and balance to determine if there is any past due support owed. If there is, the payer may be required to come to court to address the arrears. In many states, failure to pay child support may result in wages being garnished or the person being jailed.


Child support services is another area available on a child support portal. If the child support receiver determines the payer is behind in child support, the child support services portion of the website will direct her to the contact information for her case worker. The case worker will then review the specifics of the child support order and if necessary issue a requirement for the child support payer to appear in court. If the child support payer determines payments are past due, he can also contact the case worker through the child support portal to set up additional payments to bring the arrears current.

For more general child support advice, the child support portal provides a section on what to do about certain situations. For example, if you are considering a request to change the amount of child support paid or received, the child support advice section of the portal will give you guidelines for what information or documents are required. Things such as changes in the cost of medical insurance, child care or changes in salary may be sufficient enough to require a change in the amount of child support.



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