What is a Chicken Sandwich?

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Very common in American fast food restaurants, a chicken sandwich is any variation of sandwich that uses chicken as its main component. A typical chicken sandwich will contain a piece of chicken sandwiched between two pieces of bread, with varying accoutrements, such as lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles, and more. Many variations of the chicken sandwich today mirror that of hamburgers, and new toppings and sauces are common in a variety of restaurants.

One of the most popular variants is the buffalo chicken sandwich. This type of sandwich starts with a piece of chicken breast — most commonly breaded and fried, but sometimes grilled to provide a healthier option — that is marinated or coated in buffalo sauce, the sauce common on spicy buffalo wings. The chicken is then placed in a bun and topped with lettuce and ranch dressing. Other toppings may include peppers, cheese, tomato, and other vegetables.


In response to the desire to eat healthier foods, many restaurants have introduced the grilled chicken sandwich as an alternative to fattier, less healthy hamburgers or sausages. The grilled chicken sandwich is leaner, contains less saturated fat, and generally contains fewer calories than its hamburger brother. A grilled chicken offering may be served on a bun or other type of bread, and it often comes with many of the same toppings as hamburgers, such as lettuce, tomatoes, various sauces, and so on. While the chicken itself may contain fewer calories and be healthier than a hamburger, many people tend to put sauces and other toppings on their sandwiches, which could also end up raising the calorie and fat content count.

Another alternative to the traditional hamburger or sandwich is the chicken wrap. Instead of being contained in a bun, the chicken is wrapped in a pita or tortilla, which can be a better alternative than an unhealthy and carbohydrate-loaded hamburger bun. Many of the same toppings are contained within the wrap, but it is not uncommon to find offerings with low-fat dressings and other toppings.

Culture-specific chicken sandwiches are also common at restaurants. For example, an Italian chicken sandwich may consist of chicken breast in a tomato sauce with cheese. An Asian option may consist of a chicken breast marinated or basted in a teriyaki sauce and served with mixed vegetables. A Mexican sandwich may come in the form of a burrito or wrap, and may be seasoned with traditional Mexican spices. Since chicken is quite versatile as an ingredient, many variations of the sandwich exist.



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