What is a Chartered Investment Council?

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A chartered investment council is a financial professional who is formally trained in a number of different financial disciplines. This training is exhibited by the successful completion of battery of exams that have to do with these disciplines, as well as the accumulation of work experience that is directly related to the disciplines. Chartered investment councils often are found in a number of different finance based professions, such as general accounting and money management consulting.

Generally, it is necessary for any persons who wish to attain the status of CIC to have a minimum of five years experience in a work environment that directly relates to economics in some manner. This work experience may be acquired in a brokerage, bank or similar financial institution, or any type of business that is concerned with money generation and management or the planning of estates. As long as the experience has to do with money, taxes, and other essentials of the financial process, it is possible to translate it into qualifications for seeking to become recognized as a chartered investment council. However, it must be understood that work experience that is more directly involved with money management, basic accounting functions, and a strong grasp of tax law will serve the applicant particularly well.


CICs often enjoy access to more opportunities for advancement with a current employer, as well as the chance to secure more desirable positions with other employers. Like many institutions, firms that deal in financial transactions tend to reward employees who have reached a high level of educational proficiency. As a chartered investment council, the employee would certainly qualify for enhanced benefits and salary opportunities.

At the same time, recognition as a chartered investment council can be a great asset for any financial professional who wishes to start his or her own business. Because the process for gaining this status is recognized to be comprehensive, any consultant or other financial professional that is known to be a chartered investment council will find it much easier to establish a business and gain a clientele.



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