What is a Chair Massager?

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At one time, a chair massager commonly referred to an unsophisticated accessory that consisted of beads connected together. Now, a chair massager generally refers to a device that uses electricity to power rollers or vibrating points to provide tissue manipulation. Such a device can be used for pleasure or for the relief of discomfort. These devices, depending on the model, can resemble chair cushions or chair covers.

A chair massager can be used in office chairs, car seats, and many chairs in the home. Some models extend from the shoulders to the lower back. Other models extend from the shoulders and cover the area of the seat below the thighs.

Some models are simply placed on top of a chair without any means of attachment to hold them in place. Others may have elastic attachments or other types of straps that can be placed around the back of the seat. There are some models that are more like seat covers and are designed to fit more securely to the seat. There are even full massage chairs, in which the entire chair works to massage the body.


A chair massager commonly achieves its purpose with vibrating action. This may cover areas such as the shoulders, back, and thighs. Many models employ a rolling action that creates a sort of moving massage in contrast to constant action in all areas. There are often controls that allow a person to choose several levels of intensity. A person may also be able to choose settings that allow the massaging action to be concentrated only on certain areas.

One of the features that a chair massager is likely to have is heat. Some people may enjoy this feature simply as a means of warming themselves when temperatures are low. In other instances, however, the heat can be used as a method of relief. Another feature that is common with many models is the possibility of programming. Instead of a person needing to set the device according to her preferences every time she uses it, the device can be programmed to remain in specific modes.

Chair massagers can be used for relaxation. Those who work long hours while sitting in desk chairs or those who have long commutes may find that these devices help to eliminate fatigue. A chair massager can also be used help relieve aches, tension, and stress. The various features are usually manipulated by a remote control or control panel that is connected to the chair massager. Some remote controls, however, may be detached.



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