What is a Celebrity Makeup Artist?

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Most stars pride themselves on having a picture perfect face. After all, their faces are what make them most recognizable. In order to remain camera ready, there are people who help celebrities become the statuesque creatures many people marvel after. A celebrity makeup artist is one of those key figures working behind the scenes to ensure celebrities always look their best. These artists are specialists in creating cosmetic beauty and most go to great lengths to land a high priority position working with celebrity clients.

A celebrity makeup artist is typically a person who has been trained in the various elements of cosmetology. This is the area of study specializing in the care of hair, nails and skin. Some makeup artists learn from on-the-job training and may enter the profession with a high school diploma. In order to become a celebrity makeup artist, it may be required that the individual obtains a more advanced level of education. Often, this may entail entering cosmetology school and becoming a licensed cosmetologist.


In Hollywood, it is not uncommon for a celebrity makeup artist to be employed by just one celebrity. These are typically very famous people, so famous in fact, that he or she may need a makeup artist on standby around the clock. For example, a musician may hire a makeup artist to travel around the world with him or her while on tour. The artist will generally do the performer's makeup before shows. In addition, he or she will also be available to work for the client as necessary for any other engagements, such as promotional stops to perform on talk shows.

A great deal of work for a celebrity makeup artist may come from preparing makeup for actors and actresses on movie sets and television shows. Most movies and television shows center around numerous characters. Often, the makeup plays a great part in bringing the character to life. This will generally call for a great amount of creativity on behalf of the makeup artist. When working in environments such as this, artists may deal with a wide variety of people with varying personalities on a daily basis.

Sometimes, a celebrity makeup artist may choose to work in advertising. When working in this area, he or she may spend long hours preparing individuals for photos that will appear in a magazine or other source of print. In most cases, the clients may be professional models. However, celebrities also do a great deal of photo shoots for promotional purposes, including to create a record cover. The hours can be very long for someone working in this profession and the most difficult part of the position may be dealing with the various personalities of the famous people.



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Post 3

@MrsPramm - Some of them care more than others I suspect. I don't know if the average celebrity employs a personal makeup artist as an everyday thing.

Personally, I'd rather be a fashion makeup artist than one that works with filmstars. The fashion industry often does some really bizarre things with makeup and that seems like it would be more cutting edge and fun than just trying to constantly make people look like they aren't wearing makeup but just look naturally perfect.

Post 2

@browncoat - I can't even imagine having to put on makeup every time I left the house. But I think the problem is that even if they would prefer to be natural, celebrities might lose their jobs and ad deals if they are seen to be without high fashion clothes or makeup all the time. They are supposed to appear to be glamorous all the time.

Post 1

Makeup can be a very powerful thing. One of the reasons that celebrities will often hire a particular artist to go on tour with them is that they need to have a particular look for the whole tour. If their hair and makeup changes people might not recognize them, or might start talking about how they've lost weight or gained weight or whatever.

It might seem like overkill, but honestly just look at magazines that feature photos of celebrities without makeup and then crow over how different and even bad they look. It's no wonder they might have a professional to make sure that they don't have to worry about that kind of publicity, even when all they want to do is go down to the supermarket for a bottle of milk.

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